File uploading is not working in web viewer

It will be very beneficial to enable upload functionality in the web-viewer component as a lot of Kodular members looking for this from a long time for obvious reasons. I hereby request Kodular team to consider the same. Thank You.

And you tried it before creating and write this topic?

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Yes, I tried it with few sites like Fb, other file sharing sites because I wanted to make a browser app but even with the desktop mode it is not working. So I searched this topic on community and found that such an option is not yet available so I thought about requesting the same. Is there any recent update in this regard which I am not aware of? :thinking:

You should search for an extension.

Hi! Is there an extension for this? I was just looking through the forum and could not find a way of uploading on webview like its posible on appybuilder, I set up extended webviewer but still have not been able to. Maybe im missing something.

Upload feature in web viewer has been already added.So there is no need to open a new thread for that.
But as you said it is not working ; not even in desktop mode and that’s because upload feature was added in Api level 21 (Android 5.0) so it will only work on devices running on >= Android 5.0
Try it on different devices and you will find your answer.

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