Upload File in Webview

How to upload files from a webview app, type in facebook webview how do I get to choose a file from the mobile gallery.


Hi there, Webview works exactly as any web browser. Technically speaking you should be able to upload any files straight ahead in facebook/google & etc without any problem. It should automatically open up an option to choose from your gallery.

Can we have a look at your block perhaps?

Does the problem still persist?

Have you tried on other platform = thunkable, apppybuilder & etc?

webviewer in kodular cannot work for uploading, i have tried many times before.
just try build a project with webview component, set url to facebook or instagram, then try to upload image, it not automatically open option to chose file from gallery


i am a trying to upload file in my web viewer but not reponding

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I don’t know if upload file is possible on a webviewer but even if it is don’t get surprised if it doesn’t work on a webviewer.
Websites can have tons of ways to upload a file, and websites like facebook usually use not tradicional ways.
So it is possible that even if you can upload a file from a page created by yourself for example you won’t be able to do it on facebook or twitter.

But you can use chrome web tabs (it is a component*) and you will get all the features you get with Chrome. The only problem is that you can’t hide the URL bar, what may be a problem sometimes.


same problem facing with me please help

Webviewer is not like chrome, it cannot open extra screen/tabs etc, perhaps with the help of extension may be doable.



is there any extension to choose photo or file from photo to upload in webview in kodular ???

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@Boban is there any extension to choose photo from gallery or file to upload in webview in kodular ???

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Take it easy, one post is probably enough.

Sorry, I have not explored this so you have to wait until someone who knows can answer you.


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@Boban kodular is really doing good but in this case this is really bad…


yeah bro… kodular is very advance but unfortunately kodular’s webviewer can not uploads files and there no extension to solve this problem… may be we will get this option in future but now you have to switch to any other app inventor if web viwer’s upload problem causing you any way (as i did)

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Only when you need to upload files, use the external browser.

By the way, You can also use Custom Tabs

@Smaug is is possible to use chrome tab in webview ?
can you please help me. how can i use custom tab in web view to upload photo and pdf file. ??

Custom Tabs is almost like Chrome Browser… you can use it for uploading/downloading and it will work… but you can’t hide the URL…

@Smaug so bad…if i am not able to hide url…

can you please suggest me another app maker which is not having this problem and have awesome features like kodular.???

There is no App Inventer better or same like kodular… (as I know)
but you can try Appybuilder
It doesn’t have many features yet their Web Viewer can upload files!

By the way, give a try to Custom Tabs. You might find it useful.