Download file not getting properly

i created an app with download option .when i click button it downloaded ,but in a host provider i uploaded .xml file but download file in jpg format .why i get like this. i checked the download link it is correct but after download its in another format. please help

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Check property… Their is new.png
Change that…

Hi, Download component save file .png by default.
Tries with this: Download - Kodular Docs

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where to change that


should be .xml instead of .png

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ya i am just showing the property where he have to change …


You read my post ???
Whit this you can save the file with another name
Sin tĂ­tulo2

After downloading the file I get the filename stored properly but it is not like other files

Like for other pdfs downloaded I can see pdf symbol in downloades but when I downloaded from my app there is no symbol for trial.pdf

Download component some times doesn’t download files with the right format…Use extended downloader extension instead…

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