Download component doubt

These are my blocks, I’m successfully able to download files, but not in the required format which is stated, and even if the file exists it downloads the file, although according to my code, it shouldn’t so can anyone help me

what is the difference between your expectation and reality

The file should download in the appropriate format according to the code, and if the file is already downloaded then it shouldn’t download again
The file is downloading and in the name too the format is specified but it is downloaded as html file, and although the file is already downloaded, it downloads again

the rightmost select list item returns a item and than u pass it in the left one. In left one u passed one item and at same time you are asking it to select index number 3. but it just get one item?? can u explain that :thinking:

It is getting the download link from the csv file, and I don’t think there is an error there

That’s a problem from the download component.It downloads many times files with wrong format.The solution i found is to use extended downloaded extension:

I thin that because of the wrong format downloaded.Try using the exteneded downloader.Also have you requested the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.The file component won’t work if it isn’t requested.

Yes, and for the extended download component, it is not working I followed the example stated too, but it doesn’t download any files, and I don’t know why

Show your blocks.It wasn’t working with me too at first and i manged to make it working :wink: