Download images from webview

Greetings. Is it possible to implement image downloading? That is, for example, so that with a long click this happens. File upload itself has already been created through Chrome Tab.

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webview always has options for long click to show options for downloading image.

Hm. It’s not working on my app :thinking:

there must be some reason for that, like,
1: follow links off from your webwiewer proprties,
2: that website maybe disabled right click,

which web you are trying to download photos?

In 4G mobile network. Now I checked - the follow link is turned on, right-click too, for downloading pictures from regular browsers works without problems. But specifically in the application, with a long click on the picture, nothing happens. Maybe because it does not open with a direct link?

can you share that link? i will try that here

Sorry but I am not agree with this.
Maybe I am wrong but as we know Webview is not full browser so all features of browser are not available in webview.


yes right, i have checked that its not working for right click option,

Hi, you got a way to do it?