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Hi everyone, I’m having trouble downloading a file from my Webview, I have a link like this "<a download="Status-imovel-<?php echo $rowimovel['cd_imovel'] ?> (<? php echo $row_classes['id']?>). jpg "href =" social-post / <? php echo $row_classes ['FILE_NAME']?> "title =" ImageName "class =" btn-sm btn-primary text-white "> <i class =" mdi mdi-download "> </i> Save Image </ a>" in my browser that when I click on the PC it starts the download, I would like to know if I should make some kind of file format and some example of blocks that can save files on the phone? I do not know where to start.
Follow my aia.
TiMOB.aia (359.9 KB)

you should use this block

(Note: you r using old custom web view extension)

The new version is 11 sure?

And you have a exemple i’m can use this block?

Providing your aia is not useful because your website needs login credentials

Try this

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What Version Custom WebView use you?

I dont find Custom Webview Download

Check DownloadHelper blocks.

NICE @pkalyan i found blocks, thanks so much!

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