Customwebview file download problem

File download does not work in “Custom WebView”. Can you please put block.png? I searched everywhere, could not find it. What I found doesn’t work. You can try it on this app.

Thank you in advance.

app2.aia (404.1 KB) app2.aia (404.1 KB)

you just have to input download link and file name (if you don’t have then, use “default”)

I cannot write a link and file name because it is in webview.

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Have you placed any Notifier onDownloadStart event to check that the download started or not??
And show me your all blocks

There is no such tag in custom webview

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use OnDownloadNeeded Event

used like this.
It would be great if you can look exactly at the app. Thank you.

Use CustomWebView Download block

where can I put it here?(

Use it on OnDownloadNeeded event

Please Help me

the author of the extension has been suspended in this community…
for questions about the extension, please ask on his webpage here