Download Progress Stays at 0% (Not downloading)

Hello there,

I would like to ask a question regarding my download process in my app.

What happened?
I implemented a WebView viewing OneDrive, allowing users to download file through that cloud storage to the phone’s internal storage. Before the Android update, the download process can be done within seconds, but after the Android update (I assume it is updated to Android 12), the download from OneDrive cannot be started (progress stays at 0%), while downloads from other sites (e.g. ApkPure) works well.

Just to note, when I try this in another version of Android, that is Oreo in Companion, the download process works awesomely.

How are the blocks?
Below are my blocks related to the downloading process

blocks (9)
blocks (11)

What have I done to try overcoming this problem?
I have opened these discussions but still do not find the solution

Thank you for your help.
Stay safe and healthy.

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Thank you for your response.

I have read that post and used the extension as follows


But the download cannot be started and the “Download complete” toast is not displayed, meaning nothing is downloaded.

Did I do something wrong or else?

Where did you use initialize download concurrent limit block ?

Hello, Anu.

Thank you for the response.

I have initialized it when the screen is initialized. I just do not put it in the photo, sorry.

Just to add, apparently, the official Download component (not the extension) works well to download .mp4 file from OneDrive if it is being tested on a phone with the Android version lower than 11.

How do I solve this, please?

This makes no sense, at least not on Android 11+. You must choose a path in the ASD
or in one of the Shared folders that is accessible on Android 11+ (e.g. /Download or /Documents or for media files /Pictures).

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See also here:

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Hello, Anke!
Thank you for your response.

I have read your guide and decided to add the “Download through Browser” button that is intended to be pressed by user whose Android version is new. I will wait for the next update aimed to add the required feature in Android 11 or higher.

Please take care and stay healthy.
I will mark this as a solution.

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