Download works in companion, but does not start in apk

Why my download not start in apk , but start in companion



Any error message?

Nothing but not downloading , using deephost download extension

What link are you storing in Global Variable? Can you share it here?

cloudinary image url

Same Bug with me

it is working in companion

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and i want to ask , How i can use two download componet of kodular default and specify some differnent action after download succesfull , I am using two download component but after download it shows same actions

I am thinking it is the extension problem @Deep_Host

yes , but now what can we do,my app is stuck on last stage

We can contact @Deep_Host

yes, we can
but if he dont fix problem i will cry and die:sob:

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Is your permissions granted


Oh I have not see yet . Wait :grin:

If i need only storage permission or I have to give another permition name

You should contact extension developer.
This is responsibility of extension developed to fix bugs.

Yahh !! After adding these permissions it is now working fine , thanks @Boban



Oh thats the problem
But some days ago it was working fine without it

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you only need to ask for “WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”, after that permission has been granted, you also are able to READ…


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OK thank you , I will remove that