Please Help me! Failed reolution of: Landroid/support/v4/app/ActivityCompat;

I use Custom Download extension from “Deep Host” when i try to download something from my app a error showing like

Runtime Error
Failed resolution of: Landroid/support/v4app/ActivityCompat;
End Application

But same thing when i do live test mod via using Kodular Companion no error show! Those time Download will success without any error but when i export my application then this problem showing

What should I do please help me!

  1. Update the companion
  2. Use latest version of the extensions used in the project

Or make sure the used extensions support the libraries used in kodular (I hope android X)

It’s Android 11 but how can i access specify download folder where is my Download file saved?

Already multiple discussion are there to How to access private folder in android 11 in community. Pls search regarding that. Still it is debate for us but @Taifun @bodymindpower shared their suggestions in kodular as well as MIT community too

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