Appstore App with Kodular

Hello Users,
I am creating an Appstore like app with Kodular and working on this app from several days and completed 90% of work and I have completed full Graphics and UI design but I am facing download problem. I am using Deep Host Custom Download extension version 2 to download app from Airtable Database and Deep Host Apk Installer extension to install downloaded apk. I am getting error on both extension.

  1. Custom Download extension:
    Error :

    I have searched Kodular Community and found below link but the user ask this problem is banned on Kodular Community so i can’t ask him on how he solve the problem.
  1. APK Installer :
    Error :

I have try to solve this problem by adding permission “android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES” ,
please help me to solve both the problem.

Thank You

Maybe showing related blocks can help.

Here the blocks image

For the first error may be that you are missing some text somewhere(since all the block are not present, I can’t say much)

And for second error, it seems to be error related to extension but since the extension developer is not active in the community, there’s nothing much we can do

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No, the text contains correct url. I have checked with label text