Deep Host custom download extension error

In my app iam getting error with these blocks but it is only problem in label as notification is working fine and even in companion label is also working so whats the problem

my blocks

error only in label in apk

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is this the extension of deep host @krish.jha

Yes but there is no problem in extension
Because it’s Fully working in companion and only label not working in apk same thing is working in notification and I don’t changed any block
When I tried it today after update it is not working I don’t know why

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Have you tried this without lable.

I don’t understand?

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Just remove the lable block & Then create the Apk…

It is only not working in label in apk and expect that in companion it is working in label

But I want to get value in label!

Then use global variable & then set that value in lable. Try this one…

Same thing is working in companion
And some days before it was also working in apk
When I Today download and tried it is not working

Ok thanks :grin: but what’s the problem in here??

Do anyone know problem?

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May be i don’t think so. But let us wait for other reply too…

Ok thanks for helping

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Always welcome bro…

I want to say it only works in companion but not in apk!
any solution?

where is problem it is also working in emulator
is there anything wrong with my phone?
redmi 6 pro indian version
miui 10
android 9 pie

even after using variable it is giving problem

Take a look here:

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ya i seen and satisfied
but today i thought that why is it working in companion
and any alternative of it?
to get download size,pause/resume,cancel
its urgent for me