I need deeplink extension

Hi all
Do anyone know how to make a deeplink extension

Did you try?

not working when I tried
. Not sure if I had done any mistakes

@vknow360 isn’t this your website
Pls fix it

What is not working?

it is not opening app
Did you try

@vknow360 can you test it

What did you tried so far? Before you accuse of a faulty website / extension, make sure you were accurate at your end using this extension.

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From Android 12 onwards, in your website, you have to declare a JSON file which authenticates the identity of the app…

I use Android 12
What should I do

No need to mention again. I saw it
But understood nothing
Is there any YouTube tutorials or a understandable guide

on kodular?
can you please explain

@asimjib93 can you pls say is that possible on kodular

if so how

You can read about that in the developers website.
Define an assetlinks.json file in your website (read the docs once)

download button not working

You can watch it. It’s working method.
These video by App helper.

Sorry this method not working for Android 12.