Deeplink Extension is not working with my app

Can anyone help me why the deeplink extension is not working?

Which one?

Used this one but now opened it and getting this issues in your site.

Hello is there any update or solution??


First I need to know what’s the issue.
Not working is definitely not the way to explain the isssue.

I have uploaded the extension and configured it as well I shared it in the block image. But when I open the link, the app choosing options are not coming.

wait a second let me send you a recording.

Check out this video.

If your device has Android 12 and above then you will have to upload assetlinks.json at root of your domain and then manually verify supported links from app settings [ required only when installed from apk ].

where is the file assetlinks.json file and how to verify

But I have 2 domains one is " " & " "

and also in the form it is asking for SHA256 but I got only SHA1…


Generate json file only for root domain.

Uploaded the file in .well-known folderbut the test button is not working.

That should be an issue only if app doesn’t work.
You should check app now.
Go to app settings and you should see Open by default option.


Or should I have to rebuild the apk again.

These are the blocks.

Maybe Clear defaults in your case, since you are using MIUI.

It’s saying " no defaults "

Post aix file you have generated.

from your website right ?

com.sunny.DeepLink.aix (7.8 KB)

If app will be distributed via Play Store then it’s good to go.
Otherwise find this setting in app.