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Small Des…

I have built a demo app to test some ideas. In this app, I have added a custom web viewer in Screen2. And used screen1 as Splash screen using clock and image.


Now I want something that If any one open the link from Chrome or anywhere then the Link will open in the screen2 web viewer. Like deep link but I am confused, I have tried using the Deeplink extension and the guide but still its not working may be because my actually web viewer is in Screen2.

Note: Its a specific Link ( )

How to do that?

Its very simple. Please wait few sec

Ok :slightly_smiling_face:, But Have you noticed that…

Its two screen. My main screen where I have placed the web viewer is in screen2.

Screen1 Block

Screen2 Block

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But which deeplink extension I am using have no blocks to configure the url.

From this guide ?

Yes yes!
I have searched and found this one first.

After heading over to the website you will find something like this where you can put two inputs, Scheme and Host . While adding your website for deeplinks, see whether it is connected over http or https. If it is https then add https in the scheme and website host in host input.
For Example:

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Screen1 Block was updated.

Ok, Let me check, Should I have to use the deeplink extension still. Because I am not sure that its working or not. I have done something like what you have done. But not working. Let me check again.

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Yes, you must use deeplink extension for deeplink support in your app

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I am using this. In all screens, because I am 200% sure in my screens :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Hey, @Avijit

I have set the blocks as per your blocks…



A Good Sound " Not working :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: "

Can you share aia in PM

Ok! Wait I will share.

I dont’t believe this is doable

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Really! Like Amazon. Clicks on any amazon link this directly open in the Amazon app.
I have sent the aia to Mr Avijit ( Nikename: Confidence :joy: :joy:, Let’s see what he done! )
Not Possible :sweat_smile:

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test.aia (9.6 KB)

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How this option is coming.


Everything is possible if you try.

Coming for deeplink.


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