How to add deep link system in my app

this is

help me to add deep link in my webview

See here -

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can you help me

The rule of the Community is teach people how to fish do not give them the fish directly.


how to use this feature in CustomWebview

Simply enable it from blocks.
And extension will do the rest.

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how to add specified link

This Block -

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any problem for add this in screen 2

You need to wait for V9 of custom webview extension, in that you can open another screen using deeplink.

no problem

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I think he means can he add this in Screen2

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how to set my web address

He doesn’t mean to link 2 screens.

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Am I right @Nivu_Techy ?

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He can add it on screen second, but when click on app to be open(using deeplink) it will open screen1 by default.

Ok, I misunderstood it

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yes yes yes

Make sure this is Enabled.
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done next step plz

how to add my link