How to enable deeplinks in webview component of kodular?

I am making a webview app. Please tell me how can I enable deeplinks in webview module of kodular?

Because custom webviewer lacks certain features that i need for my app, I am not using custom webview. And so I want to know how to enable deeplink in webiew component of kodular.

Thanks in advance.

Which featrues? i think it have all of the webviewer features.

You can see this extension:


what I understand from deeplinks is that, if someone click on the url of your website or clicks on then your homepage or that specific link shall open directly in app.

However when I used custom webviewer extension, it did not open directly in app nor did it open directly with the use of the extension you mentioned in your answer.

in either it only gives you an option to open the link, and with that option also it does not open the specific link the app, it only opens the app.

The site where the extension is the uploaded, is on read only mode, so posting queries here instead of there.

google app indexing for opening links directly in apps.

but it requires app to support deep links, now how can we achieve that?
Thanks for answering.

You can try this extension:

Just write here your host : ex:https: and your scheme, for example :
And you will get your extension:

there is only one block, how to use it?

You don’t need to use any block, just drag the extension, and when you type the url you entered, your app will open

Still not wroking, Am I doing anything wrong?
did you check link of google app indexing, is that link of any help?

When you generate extension with host : https: and scheme : then press any where it should redirect the user to your app.