Notifier Linear Progress Bar

Notifier linear progress bar is not working when downloading apk file (showing 0% even when whole file downloaded) but working when download any other files format. Please help

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Use a label to see what value are you getting for custom download progress

I am getting negative values…like -152644226, -602155134 upto last -895433700 when downloading apk file. But it is working fine when download image or pdf files, etc.

The problem lies here if you get negative values then linear progress will show 0

What is the solution? If I download any other files value get started from 0 to 100.

I have also faced this issue, the file you are downloading in is not valid or the url you provided.
Can you show the url.

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The problem is with apk files only.

I was able to download it so doesn’t look like that error was due to it

Yes Links and Blocks are working correctly. But I am not able to find what’s the problem is?? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Maybe it’s a bug so you can try out any download extension like custom download extension of deephost

I am using custom downloader of deep host. See blocks

Use this one, Btw discussion related DH is not allowed here as he dosen’t support for his extensions.