Why is the download progress notifier not shown?

Hello community, I have the following block distributions for downloading pdf files:


The problem is that the linear download progress is not shown:

For this I use the following components:
Notifier, Download, extension InApp_PDFViewer and the extension TaifunFile.

Is it a failure of the Download component or are my blocks accommodated?

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In mine app also not working @ImranTariq can you help

i will check it by my self and will answer you,

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I am facing same problem

Have any one found a solution for this…:confused:

Use custom download extension .

Thank you @themaayur, but this extension stops working when I make some modifications of the blocks (to add new features), and when the work in very large is tedious to be rebuilding from scratch, it takes a long time for the bloks to work again.

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using custom downloader also, progress is not showing