Draw in-app i need your support in this regard

hi friends first of all thank you for taking care of me. As I see in the picture, I want to draw in-app, how can I do!

@Aygul_Ozdemir Use canvas component
And do search for drawing with canvas
Check it out

Hello, I think I want to do as in this video, I guess this is not done with canvas.

If u want to create this list then u should use
This extension

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I wonder if you can write me the codes on how to do it

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Its a time taking process and i m busy these days but this could help you
One of the users has posted that he can create lists for you and here is the link to that post


Hello @Kanishka_Developer @yusufcihan , can you help me, I want to drawing on the screen like the video. I did not fully understand what @Zia_Choudhary said. If you have time, would you send a block code photo? I would be grateful if you could help.

You can use the Vertical Overshoot block to overlay a transparent Canvas over your screen and subsequently draw there. :slight_smile:

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Sorry im not understand. What Vertical Overshoot block? I would like to send you a block of code. I want to learn how many days, but I can not. i will cry at the end

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