Draw on the canvas Background Image

How can I draw an image on the canvas instead of the background of the canvas. (I am making a drawing app and when I use canvas setBackgroundImage I can only draw on top of the image and not on the image). Or is there an option to use drawLine on the Background Image
(Note, I’m using google translate to write this)

You can redraw the canvas background image to the foreground (same Z level as the other drawing components) pixel by pixel, this can take some time…

You may wish to resize larger images first…

When I use that way my phone freezes, I want a fast way. Something to directly put the image I have on the canvas

You can always save the canvas to a new image with your drawings on it, then reload the canvas background with the newly saved image …?

I don’t speak English very well but to what I understood. I need to have the image on the canvas and not in the background, because I want to be able to modify it (for example delete a small area of the image) and if I put it in the background I will only be drawing on top of the image but I will not be modifying that image

Perhaps try with html canvas?

Can you maybe use an image sprite and set its image to your background image. Apologies if I misunderstood your question.