Dynamic Card Viewer - Doesnt Work

This Dynamic Card Viewer from Kodular doesn’t work

I have a page where I list suff from MySQL

Ive got buttons under the list to change the query and hence the display

Doesn’t work!


Anyone cannot help you without your block image

Give details of your problem.

Show us your blocks where you say “doesn’t work!”


here goes…

reg button

This is behind the button


This is the sql query

This is for the dispay

Ive got two other buttons set up in the same way

When I press them I get the same data viewing everytime plus a blank card at the bottom and if IO press the same card twice it all goes blank

Thats why I say it doesnt work

all the PHPs work 100% from browser.

For remove :


I don’t understand… what you want and what is happening.

He not using dynamicComponents

Remove this line

Ok, I see the pic.

Lets try tat

Lets do one thing at a time…


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Ok… But ideally, he was using it ( dynamic extension) …

Where do I find that block?

Now Im really confused

The block I showed you is wrong. Not for ‘kodular dynamic cardview’ . The block I showed you is for components created with the dynamic components extension.

Forget him.

You cannot found this block in Dynamic_Card_View components

To get this block. you need to use this extension

Is you tried this ?

Ok, so I downloaded the extension, made the change


As for what I want to I want that when I press one of three buttons that the List get updated with the new data.

reg button



Call your data by this method (When your user open the app)


Update your data by this method


After get data from database


Thanks for that but what does it matter how I get the data seeing as thats not the problem

The problem is the display NOT updating

What am I not understanding???

Please fill me in

So actually you have one cardview with 3 labels inside. Correct ?

Hi Dora
Yes, I have three buttons under the list and the purpose of each is to display different datasets

Thats it


I have as many labels as i need

most time five labels. But the number of labels isnt the problem as those are all defined

Try this