Dynamic Cardview: App Crashing

Hello, So my dynamic cardview is working perfectly fine unless when it starts to create and you start interacting other components while the carview is creating, like example you touch the Screen, anywhere, the app is crashing

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The problem is, you might not have added when any component is clicked just check whether the component is dynamic or not… If you va added that block then your issue will be resolved

As I said, my dynamic components works perfectly except if you touch the screen when it’s still loading, for example, scrolling, or clicking a button (That has no function) then if you did that, the app immediately crashes

So you crrated only dynamic card view correct? Disable clickable and try

I created a Dynamic Card view and a Dynamic Image inside it, and all of the contents is from airtable. Now, All function works without touching the screen while it’s creating a cardview, It display the right thing, but only if I Open again the App but I interact to other components or I touch on a empty container or touch on no a blank space, it crashes the app, it says “App is not responding”

If you wish post a test aia here that shows the problem

can’t because it was already inside of my official app. There’s a lot of functions in my app, just try to add image links on airtable and get it and call dynamic cardview and add dynamic image, set image to dynamic image

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any update?

I just found out that it’s not the Dynamic Cardview crashing on, it was the “Dynamic Image” app crashes when setting a Image and you are clicking or scrolling on different components or in a Blank Space

App isn’t responding when clicking any component or in a blank space when the Dynamic Image is setting a Image, is there any fix to that?

Show us what you have tried

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Do you use image utilities to load images async ?

No? You think it was the cause of App not Responding?

Try and see

Still, it says App is not Responding

Sorry can not tell why it is crashing. Try to use [F/OS] Recycler List View - Render larger data sets efficiently using `RecyclerView` for AppInventor & Distros

You think it was because of images from Youtube Thumbail?

How can I tell without knowing how big is your database or without seeing your blocks?

How to use this?

There’s a 130 items in the Airtable