Dynamic Cardview: App Crashing

Show us what you have tried

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Do you use image utilities to load images async ?

No? You think it was the cause of App not Responding?

Try and see

Still, it says App is not Responding

Sorry can not tell why it is crashing. Try to use [F/OS] Recycler List View - Render larger data sets efficiently using `RecyclerView` for AppInventor & Distros

You think it was because of images from Youtube Thumbail?

How can I tell without knowing how big is your database or without seeing your blocks?

How to use this?

There’s a 130 items in the Airtable

If you load for example only 10 items from database does app crash ? Have you tested it ?

I’ll try to test 10 items only wait up

Are you using any listener or got focus event? especially using when any card view clicked event? please see once again and tell us. Your problem may be seems to be you are touching dynamic card view and it leads to wrong understanding ( may be the cause)

There’s no functions on when card view click yet.

Did it work with 10 items or less ?

Yeps working good, no crashing, I wonder how am I able to load 130 there

Do you use airtable or … ?

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I use the Airtable

Then try to load as user scroll

or use

How to use this though?