Dynamic Cardview: App Crashing

There’s no functions on when card view click yet.

Did it work with 10 items or less ?

Yeps working good, no crashing, I wonder how am I able to load 130 there

Do you use airtable or … ?

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I use the Airtable

Then try to load as user scroll

or use

How to use this though?


It’s crashing even if 32 Items

As I said without seeing anyblocks we can not tell what might cause the problem. See for example… airtable as database 1200 rows, 5 columns … no crash

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Can I see your blocks?

if possible have a look at it

I mean is how to get the airtable data using this Recycler List View

Get all rows. Response is in json, use web component and dictionary blocks to get columns

I don’t understand, do you mind teaching it to me?

I looked up for the blocks and I don’t understand it no matter how hard I try

It keeps crashing if the data is more than 50, this is my blocks

Forgot to show the block, When the Screen Initialized, I call Spreadsheet 1. Get Column, Column Name: Title, and Max Record: 1200

How am I able to get larger items in 3 seperated Columns “Title”, “ID”, and “Date”? because if I will use the common method, it lags and crashes the app

Try this way, create another global variable for example thumbnails to create and empty list. Before creating list view with images for each item in list global id, add items to global thumbnails using call get thumbnail from videoID where videoId is get item. Once that list is created then create List View with Image and get images from global thumbnails

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Ill try this one