Dynamic component incorrect data displaying

Displaying same data in all dynamic labels

Here is aia
DynamicCard_R1 (1).aia (104.3 KB)

Do you really want to use this for your purposes?

Yes. Solution please

Please show your relevant blocks

I think no problem in dynamic components blocks. Hereby posting other blocks

I’m not sure, but have you checked the variables in your procedure? Maybe you copied the blocks and forgot to change the variables

When i added texts instead of calling from airtable database it works

Ok, I will download the AIA and verify it

Ok. You can verify it

A quick note to anyone trying to fix this:

This project is based off a pre-R1 release of my Dynamic CardView Template, and has some inherent problems. When asked to update to R1, user in question simply lied about it. :upside_down_face:

A quick summary of the problem: columns OptionA and OptionB are returning the same values as column Questions (it’s a different issue that the variables being used are irrelevantly named and even downright wrong).

Earnest request to anyone attempting to fix this issue: Please update the Dynamic Card related procedures and calls to my template. Kindly delete the old ones.

P.S. My DynamicCard Template is not even appropriate for a quiz app, because it is meant to display information, not input forms.


Now I understand why I’m confused, by the way, I haven’t seen that template until now :thinking:

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This one. Dynamic CardView Template

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Try to solve please

This problem is solved. But tell me errors in next blocks. Showing this error in next arrangement

Help please

The what I thought too

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It means ?

For choosing options, you ideally need Radio buttons.

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If add a button to dynamic view?

Also , the parameter that you are passing in index should be number not a string. In your case, you are passing a component which may be string