Dynamic component

despite reading many publications, I cannot understand: what is a dynamic component?
I’m sorry to bore you, with questions which for you are very basic.

In computer terminology, dynamic usually means capable of action and/or change, while static means fixed.

As you must be knowing what the normal components are, the components which we drag and drop and static…
In simple words Dynamic Components are not static i.e. they can change their quantity, properties etc. without requiring to update the app again and again… The properties are set from blocks and are created in the blocks section only… They come in creator component form as well as as an AIX by @yusufcihan

These are very useful for creating designs from a set of data.

A Simple Example is of E-Commerce Apps

These apps have a huge database and they add and delete products every minute… So they create elements dynamically because it is not possible to edit and update apps every time…


Thank you very much for yor réponse.
I have understand.

Suppose you are creating 5 buttons then you will drag and drop 5 buttons as button 1, button 2, button 3…

What if you have to create 1000s of buttons, will you again start dragging and dropping?? This will not be logical, right?

So, instead of creating elements in designer, you can create components, change their properties in runtime dynamically.

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Glad you understood. I made a few changes and added a simple example… Mark solution if it helps. It will help others with the same query

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thank you, you and the community.

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@Simonetta and a thing to say, if an answer is a solution, then please tick solution.

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