What are Dynamic component?

Could someone explain me the difference beetween normal and dynamic components? I don’t understand what are the dynamic objetcs :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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To keep it simple, just know that, the dynamic components like the cards, label, buttons, etc can be created and deleted programmatically from the block section of your project.

But this is not the case with normal components. The normal components can only be created and deleted manually from designer when you are working on your project. Once your project gets compiled(apk file) the normal component cannot be altered and they become static.
Whereas, in case of dynamic components, as previously said, you can create and remove them even after your project gets compiled i.e. during runtime

Currently Kodular provides you with following built-in dynamic components

  1. Dynamic Button
  2. Dynamic Card View
  3. Dynamic Image
  4. Dynamic Label
  5. Dynamic Space
  6. Dynamic TextBox

However you can create almost all possible components in AI2 distros with this :point_down: beautiful extension by @yusufcihan

Talking about the examples usage of dynamic components, then, dynamic list views, wallpaper apps, note talking apps, etc are some examples where you can use dynamic components.


with the dynamic component, you create components automatically. In an amount defined by you, or by obtaining the value through a variable.

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Almost? You can create every component and extensions too :wink:


Thanks everyone!! You’ve helped me a lot! :blush::blue_heart:


Oh! Sorry. My bad. Corrected :point_down:

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