Dynamic components

how can I save the components that created by dynamic component?
I want to save any component I created it in the realtime APP.

Each time on app start or whenever you want you have to run the procedure to get the components dynamically

The components are created and only get deleted when you delete them, so by default they get saved but after you delete them and you want to again create them, then use a procedure block and create the method in it, so everytime you delete it and want to create them again you just need to use procedure

excuse me
can you support me by blocks (photos) or links that show to me how this works, because i understand it?
thank you for your response.

Refer this guide, you will understand how to work with dynamic components

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excuse me again
can you explain how to save the dynamic components in detail?
I am not using these blocks:

I am using create block only (for creation but the components not saved if I closed the APP and re-opened it)
please explain to me how to use the blocks that I attached.

anyone can help me!!!

For This -

Or Something Else.