Dynamic Images In Quiz App (Airtable)

How can I display images in QuizApp, I want the images to change with each question, I tried, but a new problem appeared, which is the appearance of all airtable columns in one question ??

block :

airtable : (in app show 3 same images in all questions)

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No, I put a space in them, so their data will appear without problems. The problem is in the image section. Are the blocks wrong? If the problem is due to empty fields, the data is never displayed

Yes, because of this… As per your block, image will appear in dynamic image block according to the number of images… And you have not set according to the question… Also as said by Rogerio, your aia may run in companion but in apk will not work properly due to empty cells. Even if one cell is empty apk will not work properly…


I don’t understand exactly, can you help me about which blocks to modify, what should I put instead of length of list (global image)

…maybe try to use global question …

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remove that block from there… use one procedure… You need to use procedure block… this is not complete block, just giving for image to appear… al so you need to use the same (both) procedure after spread getting colum value
(P.S- This is just idea, you need to give finishing touch)

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The pictures are completely gone and are not visible :sweat:


It means you have done mistake somewhere

I set blocks like this and got out put nicely in my app

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did not work :sweat:

It means you are doing mistake somewhere , if not you will not be getting values from airtable due to empty cells.

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I understand you, but if the problem was from empty cells, the database would never appear in app

Solution was provided via pm.With every question shows only one image

THANK YOU :heart: :heart: :heart:

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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