Dynamic images load problem

Dynamic Image When the screen is opened, all the images are loaded and shown together. The images do not show one by one…
when I exported app in february, everything was fine. when I updated this same app in may, I saw this problem. I did not change any block of dynamic Image view, but it still shows this problem.
I need to update my application but I can’t do anything because of this problem…
I posted about this problem but found no solution.

Those who are facing this problem should comment.

Dear Kodular Team Please Fix this problem as soon as possible.
Thank You.

Please post your blocks so we can help you and problem of screenshot face on your app

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Image loading on Dynamic component has been a problem in Kodular since last 2 or 3 updates. Your blocks are right. Maybe, the problem lies in the component. However, when I used Dynamic components extension by @yusufcihan,- I did not face any issue while loading images. You can give it a try. :wink:


you ere right, okay i will try.
thank you.

Use image utilities, asynchronous load, it will work!
Your blocks are not right!

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But has this seme block worked properly before?

so how to do it now?

Leave the path as empty or some preloaded image from assets and then load images by async procedure.

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Image Utilities component does not load image fast. It is used so that your app won’t lag while loading images.


Please try first!