Dynamic component error

Please help me to fix this , the dynamic card view is loading images in kodular companion ,but not loading in app after build, please anyone of you help me fixing it if my code is wrong,else we shall request kodular to fix their bug

Where are your images coming from? Show the blocks of your image list.

After checking all the possible way to load images, I found that dynamic images are not able to load from url ,they are loading from assets perfectly,this bug is only when apk is build ,everything works well when tested online through companion…So i request kodular team to fix this bug as soon as possible…Thank You

found the solution,just enable list as JSON option in screen properties

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I have the same problem to load image from URL as app screen crush sometimes.
How to enable that Json from properties of the screen.
I’m using dynamic components

Screen1 Properties -> Scroll to Advanced Properties -> Enable Show Lists As Json

I have tried this, but still not working for me