Image is not loading in kodular companion app

Image is not loading in kodular companion app. In designer and also in blocks.
Images are loading fine in apk but I can’t see them in live testing.
But it should be fixed in live testing because I can’t continue developing app without that.

  1. Only one background is loaded when app is started. After changing it with blocks it don’t load any other image.
  2. Images are not loading in any component ( Button, Image and Arrangement.).



So, If someone can help me with this problem then it will a great help.
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

I’m unable to replicate your issue on a real device and companion, post a sample aia if issue still presist

Yes I’m still facing that issue.

I’m facing this issue on my 3 phones and now one of them says" companion disconnected" after updating the companion app.

Oops, sorry I forgot about this, with companion uncheck High Quality Images and check when building

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Thanks man you are a big help:)

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