DynamicComponents ID must be unique

Please help one, I would have uploaded 20 times data in airtable, I have not had any problem, this problem occurs when i upload data 21st time, trying from yesterday nothing improves, now it is beyond my comprehension, please help .

weds.aia (1.1 MB)

make sure with id value… It seems you have used same id for multiple components… if you are using dynamic component in two procedure you must use different names. pls see to that. problem with your id value only…

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It has been thoroughly checked, no problem was found, after uploading data 20 times, the 21st time when I upload data, this problem appears in the screen “var”

For now the images are 20 so we can not replicate error, add another image to airtable

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Has been added, take a look

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try this, and let me know

weds1(1).aia (1.1 MB)

Awesome is working now, thank you very much​:pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly where the problem was

This dynamic looks nice but I tried to look into the blocks I didn’t real understand how to copy from the design can you please show me only the blocks of this :man_kneeling: :pray:

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he has used shimmer effect (extension) during screen initialize to till the component created


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For sure that is why I didn’t understand it quickly

is it not possible to do it without this extension?

i hope it is hard to bring such animation without extension… thats why using such extension…

ok but you know what confused me was the a lot of blocks found in the aia! But can you show me the simple blocks to show that so I can try from my end

Instead of DeepHost’s extension you could try


Yes, if any problem found user cannot except help from deep host as he is not active in forum but @Sumit1334 extension will do the same and we can expect help from him, as he is active member of our kodular family… :+1:

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That is nice if you get time please help me with some blocks

The same error occurs when using 2 Dynamic Components extensions in 1 screen, I want to create 2 columns for two dynamic images using two Dynamic Components extensions in my apps, 2 databases want to load images in both columns.

then you must use different alphabets in both dynamic component creation procedure… None should match with between the procedures…

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Tried it once but it wasn’t possible, there were a lot of errors