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How to organize sentences by separating them from one line or giving space when sending email. I used (/) but in the email everything appears glued. I want to organize giving space and lines between phrases

Hi @fabricetaio
Try using \n or <br>


I did but , it the same thing
let me show you


You are making a list but those elements work with string.So use Join block.

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Show me please exemplo :sweat_smile:

Just remove the make a list block and use join block instead

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Like this?


Did not work
same problem

Try using the \n block now

Hi dear,
To give space in your email use this server spacing code β€œ%02” or you can use plus"+" symbol without space between texts.

Then to give paragraphs use this server paragraph code β€œ%0A”. No space should appear.
E.g mailto:[email protected]?subject=Your email subject=This%02Email%02Subject&body=hello%02 (space)how%02are%02you.%0A (paragraph)Thank.

I hope you understand.

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good tip, however space is %20

\n should work, see also App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps

Dear whichever you do will work​:smiley: also plus can do same work.
I think you should try. %02 is want I prefer but %20 do same work