(Text Spaech) Line space after text, then 3rd text

Hi, I want to insert join text hello 1 after line 2 empty space 3 hello 3 these spaces how to do it? Also I tried with /n but didn’t see any change. I have given the screenshot myself to understand.

i want like this

my blocks

Try \n or <br>

Thank you, another thing to know was how to use Google Analytics in the app? And next so that there is no update or crash problem, etc., or if you use firrbase Analytics, do you have to buy the next firebase limit or their plan? I’d like to use the free one, so that the latter won’t be a problem.

/n not working :face_with_head_bandage:

/n (Space) not working

Email &body=

Hello this description…
Price : 61727
Products Description
Extra text
/n (Space)
End text

now read again what they advised you in the second post

Try \n or < br > without space

Tried with but not working. I have shared the blocks screenshot please tell me where is the mistake

You tried also br ?

Here used in string and also used inside text without space .


Without space , <br>
But I don’t know if telegram will show it

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Thank you, I have released the app so far, hope you guys let me know how the app turned out.

App box short download link :- RH Software Ltd.apk

Thanks you all

So br worked right?

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Sorry, I didn’t try the next one. That’s why I can’t say exactly.

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