How do I add a new line in a textbox?

I’m storing a text which has line breaks on firebase and upon recieveing the text I’m unable to add line breaks despite there being “\n”. Then i added a label and “\n” didnt work but <br>did work so i tried replacing “\n” in the text to <br> but it the block doesnt detect “\n” in the text despite the output clearly showing there is.

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In order to get help please show your blocks


I tried doing this it works well when initially there are <br>.

The result the procedure gives is: Atharva\nPawar\n17yo

when you storing multy line data, replace “enter” with this sign ||

Hi john
How are you
nice to meet you today

Becomes : Hi john||How are you||nice to meet you today

then in “Bio” you can replace the sign || to be

and don’t forget to check the multyline textbox

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The textbox doesnt recognise <br> or \n

Replace || become \n

I do not have such a problem in firebase . Multiline is checked and data returns with no problem


Forget about firebase, even this isnt working
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nor with \n

Is multiline checked ?


Could this be a problem?
The text that I receive is this way:
“Atharva\nPawar” the " " included
that is why i use a procedure to remove them

I used ||## as a replacement to \n but my fear is that this field is for a bio of a profile and what if any person wants to use this specific combination of characters? I can restrict them from using but it wont look good i suppose.

There isnt a property for HTML Format for a textbox

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This works for me :slightly_smiling_face:
Make sure to leave a space before \n.
If you are not using hardcoded variables like the example above , so you could replace all \n with {space}\n , {space} = one blank space.