How to remove line break from text

I made a admin app for my app which is connected to spreesheet (airtable) … My app is based in online HTML … so I can’t open browser everytime and go to airtable site so I made admin app but it has one glitch … It doesn’t create or change row if my message contains line break for eg :

So is there any trick to remove all line break of text box after I click on button?

Use replace segment block and use \n in segmeny

Yes, image
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Thanks for Help … I don’t know how to Mark it as solution … anyway let me check where is the option of it

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On the post you will see an option as solution just click on it

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Thanks I got it

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Actually I knew to use replace block but I didn’t know why to write in segment … I marked your reply because you sent with pic … Peoples will better understand by that pic

I have changed the post, so now people can understand better, so you can mark it as solution now

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