Education App aia file [Paid]

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App Store/Download link:

New app… Waiting for google play confirmation.

DM me for aia file…

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Features of this app.

  1. In app update

  2. One signal push notifications

  3. Google sheets and air table integration for database.

  4. Firebase authentication with store sign-up credentials

  5. Dynamically change the value .

  6. Splush Screen

This is all about version one .

More features will come in next version.


I don’t understand this. Can you please elaborate?

Also state the extensions you’ve used in app.

By the way nice UI.

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Probably they mean that use doesn’t need to re-login everytime as the app will remember their login credentials.


Exactly… Login credentials will store in firebase database

If you are storing user data don’t forget to use cryptography component. Storing user data in plain form is not safe. :smiley:

how, can you please elaborate

How Can I Get This Aia And Admin Panel Aia?

The instructions are in the first post.

I didn’t find first post

The first post is literally the first post in this topic. Go all the way to the top and read it.

Advice, the features of this application are not professional and it does not have the main features of an educational application such as: multiple choice quizzes, pdf files in app , design is less than good

Well it’s quite easy to make these types of apps but making it batter is a challenge part. If anyone wants to create these type of apps then I can provide my service’s.