EFile : Only asks for permissions when required

That’s great.

This should be no difference anymore, after @Kodular resoved this bug.
I’m sure they will do it.


Means, this will work without asking write permission?

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Yeah, not for me personally, but I bet thet it is helpful to soo much other people.

So many different and useful blocks!

Again another great extension from @vknow360! :heart: :heart: :heart:



Yes, give it a try …

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Another great extension by vknow360

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If more people get involved here, we might be able to get Kodular to deal with the permission question if you want to use an app-specific directory to avoid READ / WRITE permissions.

My very first post in the Kodular Forum already raised this question in early 2019.


Again a great work by @vknow360 :partying_face::partying_face: :v:


Again a great work by @vknow360
keep it up


Great extensions @vknow360

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Hello! First of all, I want to thank you for this extension. I learned about it thanks to bodymindpower. In my application there was a glitch associated with file blocks. When I replaced them with file blocks from your extension, the problem disappeared.

But when I added your extansion to my application and built it, when I tried to install the APK on a ZTE smartphone (Android 7), I received the following message, “Blocked by Play protection. Play protection could not find information about the developer. Applications from unknown developers may be unsafe.” Accordingly, if I click OK, then the application does not install. And if I choose “Install anyway”, then everything is OK.

Has anyone come across a similar one? I have noticed that this message appeared exactly after I added the file blocks from your extension. Did it just happen to me? Dear users, who also use this extension, can you check your applications?

Once again, I want to emphasize that this is a very good extension. I just want to understand what this message is connected with and how to avoid it.

Thanks so much :heart: for giving this amazing extension

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what about doing a search in the community?


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@RusBoriska This warning is no longer displayed after your app has been published in the Play Store or after you have de-, recompiled and signed the APK yourself. See here:

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Thank you. Just before that, I tested several of my applications and never received such a notification, so yesterday I decided that it was connected with this extension. Yes, of course, when the applications are tested, I will upload them to the PlayStore.

ChangeLog Version 2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in read and write file methods
    Now you can write to and read from ASD even using absolute path without any permission.
    Thanks to @bodymindpower and @Boban

Excellent extension! I was scratching my head for a week trying to finish a game because I didn’t want it to ask for permissions to read a simple csv file from the assets.

Thank you very much for making this extension.


Your appreciation means a lot to me :heart:

ChangeLog Version 3

New Blocks
Thanks to @bodymindpower


  • Some internal changes

Good work !!! I test this extension soon …


Good work it’s best extension

Thank you :hugs:
Feel free to check it when you can.

hmm…so you joined two days ago and think it is best :thinking:
Thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face: