Play Protect: Please tell me how to solved this problem? but for the users not me

Please tell me how to solved this problem? but for the users not me

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Is your app published to playstore?

it’s a testing app

Yes that’s why your are receiving that warning, as you are directly installing the apk on your device.
Once you publish your app to playstore, then your users will not get such warning message when they will download it from playstore


but why the other apps ( not published on play store ) don’t get this alert ?!

Its just a warning and nothing more.
Just ignore it


As you can see, Play Protect didn’t recognise you. Play Protect thinks, you are unknown developer. Also other users maybe disabled Play Protect so that’s why they don’t see this alert.


if i published the app , it will disapear ?

I already answered this :point_up: here :point_down:

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ok , thank you and thanks for all :slight_smile:

Ha But what about those who don’t have a play store account

I mean Play store is not a safe place for testing your New Apps
a bit of mistake and Play Store will suspend your app and it will remain forever

Before getting fully ready you need to test your app by real users

Too many suspension and your Play Store Account will get terminated
and for entire life you will not able to make other Account + Its costly and It requires Credit card to Open a Account

Most of the people don’t have a Credit Card

I mean To buy play store account

See here:!searchin/mitappinventortest/play$20protect|sort:date/mitappinventortest/Pydt1hRvgZo/oqCFwcayCQAJ

I’ve checked the simplest of them and it works:

"The solution lies in creating a new key when generating the signed apk. this worked for me without a fuss.

  1. click on Build
  2. click generate signed Bundle/APK…
  3. choose either Bundle / APK (in my case APK) and click Next
  4. click on create new (make sure you have a keystore path on the machine)
  5. after everything, click finish to generate your signed apk

when you install, the warning will not come."

To do this, see e.g. here: