Email Otp extension any email address for kodular 100℅ free

I just used test apk and got a really nice response, Best of luck for your next creations.

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please follow the naming conventions



@Tiko_X , if possible , Can you answer this?


U can send no limited 10099999999 many

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whats site ?

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Type ---- all thinks

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from responseContent:


Fix v2

Email Otp extrension v2 aia master Server oroblem sloved.Send Email free
Text method
-Plain text
-Html Text
Demo Photo

Extrension :
AiaMasterMail_v2.aix (6.0 KB)
Extrension link Google drive :

Demo Apk :
kzkxk (3).apk (5.3 MB)
Demo apk google drive link :

Aia File demo:


What is the work of premium block? & What did it mean by server?

Can you share us, if you don’t mind , the documentation??? Will you mind?

In both case website url is different… Shall we know the reason for change of website? Any specific reason?

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please remember to follow the naming conventions


Wonderful extention

Can i know why is this user suspended

promotion of topic links in other topics for no reason I guess :thinking:

I tried capturing packets while using this extension. It sends data to I don’t know if it is storing any sent data.


how to change this email to my email address, i mean that this when any email is coming it is via etvbanglanews coming, i want to change this into my email ID. please anyone help me. for this change i pay also.

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Nice work!

this is a php server solution…
which means, if the server which will be used to send the mail will go down, all apps, which use this extension will not work anymore…

yes, you will have to trust the developer of that solution, that your data will not be misused…

for other email solutions see the overview here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Send Mail | Pura Vida Apps



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