Send mail direct from app

I want to send direct mail from app only
I used mailsender2 extension for it but it is not working it is going failed again and again.


I hope you want something like that? So you can try this…

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And one more thing i want to ask that my previous email sender extension i can’t delete that. When I click on delete from my project then it is not

Owao! What a nice error! Are you using deephost?

No i am not using deephost extension @Ariyan_AD

Sorry! Br0, But I didn’t know what to do, try by editing & extracting by 7zip…

@Ariyan_AD And in mail sender extension there is a block when efeMail log success what is the work of this block

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Showing error

Funfact: I have not tested it. My one friend used it so I know about it.

Error posibilities…

  1. Correct email & password?
  2. Check the guide and add the all required things.

Let me try this…

I will suggest you to take a look in this article and continue with this…

You must disable 2 step and activate less secure to connect with the extension. because it will use your Google account. So you must allow it.

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Multiple methods are there to send email

And lot more.

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Making fun of typos doesnt make a sense in a communal talk



Yes most of time i feel the heat … I am using
mobile, so the keyboard always uses their quess whenever I press tab. Sometime it will escape from my eyesite

Sorry! Don’t mind br0. Its ok, Because, Human = Mistakes.

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I already tried this, not working @Still-learning

Not working != Explanation of your issue :slight_smile:

My problem is when I click on send email then it doesn’t send it shows me nothing @UnknownBeast

Provide your blocks pic or send aia

Have you checked this. You should follow these steps and then only work in the blocks.

May be you did mistake at somewhere. See just now i have tried, And found working like charm

Checked in sent mail



As said by Ariyan Do not forget to do this step :point_down: :point_down:

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