Send mail direct from app

Also make sure to obfuscate texts for a production app

In sender email i used my email and password and in reciever email i used email which is in tinydb.

I tested my app on anohter mobile where sender email is different and receiver email is matching with tinydb

Is this correct

Sorry, Did you enable such setup? If your email id your emails password given also enabled such setting, surely it work…

Gmail to access from unsecure

I used my account but in reciever i used value which is stored in tinydb @Still-learning

I checked it but There will be many users in my app. They will not do @Ariyan_AD

How to give access

In the extension topic, first post, aryan reply and in my reply also we hinted…

Refer post no. 20

I am already signed in

If so then sender email field is not saved in tinydb it seems

It saved because i tried in various systems of my app @Still-learning

I have used this blocks only…

Email failed again and again. I used these blocks only

OMG , pls do not show your email and password to one and all

I strongly believe you have not enabled access unsecure app… Because if you click the above link it will take you the account which is already logged in your browser and i feel which is not the one that you have showed above in the box. make sure with that…

Thanks i forgot to hide,
But i disabled my 2 factor authentication
@Still-learning then what is the problem i have occurred

Oh Dear, please confirm yourself you have enabled unsecure access to the email id that you are going to use in the app…



Yes you were write i just disable 2 factor authentication and not enabled the less secure apps

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