[Free/Beta] Mail Sender : An Extension to Send Emails

Here I am with a simple yet useful extension for sending mails from app, I know maybe more such extensions exist, but I will develop it more and try to include all required facilities in it


Demo Blocks


You need to enable unsecure apps in you gooogle account if you use aix for sending emails through Gmail, you can go here : Sign in – Google accounts


com.kab.MailSender.aix (707.4 KB)

Open Source

Make sure to fork and contribute :wink:

Thanks to
@oseamiya , my sister who everytime helps me

Thanks to :kodular: odular

About Me
I am a 13 year old coder trying best to learn extension development

com.kab.MailSender.aix (705.7 KB)


Suggestion For usage

@Enderman reminded me of it :sweat_smile:

For security purposes, you can use some encryption extensions for passing email and password as some people decompile apk and maybe they get your email and password…


I have Domain mail Could you tell the steps


It uses Java Mail api, I used this library

However I modified it a bit, it is given in source

What you just need is email and password, however I suggest you to use any encryption extension and then pass it as some guys may decompile apps and then… :see_no_evil:

what will it work with zoho mail?

It will work but, you need email and password

:metal:Noice Work @UnknownBeast


ok, i will try

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where is the download link? :sweat_smile:

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Lol, my ded mind

Now updated, thanks for reminding


it doesn’t work with zoho mail
I have tried

Kindly show your blocks,

note: If it has email and password, remove it before showing to users

Also, you can dm me your aia

I think you must add block of smpt host and port

Thanks, I will surely work on it and add it in V2, :blush:

@Learning.code123 Thanks for reminding me a thing


The extension used Gmail Smtp by default, Now I will modify it

Good …can you make a cam record to show

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Ok, will try to do so when I get time

@Learning.code123 I just modified it a bit, Can you test this aix and tell me results :sweat_smile:

com.kab.MailSender.aix (705.2 KB)

Will it work with Outlook ?

Yeh, just need Outlook Smtp Credentials

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