Email Otp Verification Extension | Version 1

Hello Everyone!!

Today i’m here with a very useful extension for you all. Email Otp verification extension You can use this extension to verify users email id that they provide during signup/SignIn process by sending an otp to their given email. For more information like How it works? How to use this extension? Download a sample AIA file or the Java Souce code of this extension kinldy visit our blog. Click Here

:anchor: Screenshots | Blocks

:anchor: Screenshots | Otp Recived

Download Extension : com.cttricks.emailotpverification.aix (10.5 KB)

Price : 0$ | This extension is for free.
Price : 3$ or ₹100/- | [ - ] For custom Script ID Why Custom Script ID?

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Nice one… Let me try it and provide you feedback :metal:

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through your extension is great !!
but i prefer using this method

because sending bulk emails through firebase is quick you don’t need worry about verifying the otp or creation of it in your server. plus you don’t need a custom script. also i noticed you are using you gmail to send the otp email to users. the limit of sending email from gmail using any method be it smtp or using dashboard or api is 500 only. so even if one has 1000 users and growing this method is not sustainable. whereas firebase allows you to send unlimited otp emails in there free plan. plus its is safe and quick.
Please Don’t think that i am degrading your extension. it is just my opinion.


not working free version

Free Version also require SCRIPT ID You can get the test script id from our website :blush:

Where is your website url

Hi @Xictaw
Sorry i don’t have any website for now :sweat_smile:
Kindly PM me or :telegram: @ct_tricks for any support.

Then how do i get the script id

Contact the developer and he will help you

You should know not to post personal info on the community. You have seen many times before that that is not allowed.

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Ok. I am sorry.

Project names must start with a letter and can contain only letters, numbers, and underscores

What is a script ID for this project?

Do not make alive an year old topic. Instead search in community or Google. Like, customized email OTP through Google script

Free email send.I need help extrension devoloper