Email Otp extension any email address for kodular 100β„… free

Hi my name is Asraful Alam.I am provide a extrension for free.This is email extension.
Every one see many apps send otp use email address.How to do this.

Aix File
AiaMasterMail.aix (4.2 KB)
Aia File
testa.aia (6.0 KB)
Test apk
testa.apk (5.3 MB)


Nice guide man… Good work

BTW, Can you tell us, Per day how many email can be send? Because already custom email otp guide is there made by cttricks , in such a way through gmail we can send only 100 otp per day

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I just used test apk and got a really nice response, Best of luck for your next creations.

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please follow the naming conventions



@Tiko_X , if possible , Can you answer this?


U can send no limited 10099999999 many

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whats site ?

Type ---- all thinks