Emoji Dictionary Extension [FREE]

Hello everyone!

I’ve just developed a new extension for Kodular that might be beneficial to our community. It’s called the Emoji Dictionary Extension!

The Emoji Dictionary Extension allows users to easily access emoji information, search for emojis based on category, description, or alias, and even filter emojis based on tags or Unicode/iOS versions. This extension opens the door to integrating more sophisticated emoji management into your applications.

Key Features:

  1. Get comprehensive information about emojis.
  2. Search for emojis based on category, description, or alias.
  3. Filter emojis based on tags, Unicode version, or iOS version.
  4. Support for downloading emoji JSON data from the web.
  5. Various events to process results and trigger corresponding actions in your app.

How to Use:

  1. Add the extension to your Kodular project.
  2. Use blocks to access emoji information or perform searches/filtering.

Usage Examples:

  • Get emoji information: Get Emoji Information (function block).
  • Search for emojis by category: Search Emoji By Category (function block).
  • Filter emojis by tags: Filter Emoji By Tags (function block).


Extension Link:
com.rasitech.emoji.dictionary.aix (10.6 KB)

Emoji JSON

Let’s explore the emoji world more sophisticatedly with the Emoji Dictionary Extension! I hope you find this extension useful. Feel free to share your experiences and let me know if there are any suggestions or updates that can be made. Thank you so much!


Not to disparage your extension, but… having the json, what is the need to use the extension instead of the dictionary?

just makes it easier