[Free] Google Dictionary Extension

Google Dictionary extension shows you the definitions of the words you searched for.
With Google Dictionary extension you can extrapolate the meanings, the origins, the phonetics of the term you are looking for.
With Google Dictionary extension you can also extrapolate the entire Json of the term.
Another important function of With Google Dictionary extension is the possibility to save the data you searched for in order to search for them whenever you want, even when you don’t use the internet.
With the functions GetPersistentData.GetPersistentDataList, RemoveData, RemoveallData, you have an entire set of word management available offline.

Google Dictionary extension requires permissions:

Android 5.0

built with https://editor.appybuilder.com/

Greetings Marco.

GDictionary.aia (24,6 KB)

com.appybuilder.chiccovision.GDictionary.aix (17,9 KB)


Great extension :+1:

Why it requires those ( dangerous) permissions?

To save the terms in PersistentDataStorage, however, I can also remove them, as they are not essential


thank you for your contribution
there is only a minor spelling mistake

you might want to use the application specific directory, which does not need any permissions



Correct only permission is INTERNET,now.


Thanks for suggestion.


seems interesting :smiley: :smiley:

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This is great, thank you!

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I understand that only the languages shown in the sample app are supported?

This extension support 12 languages.
In the block AvaibleLanguage you find supported languages.
See aia example.

well @marco_tanzi your extension is great just a question in the dictionary the meanings return a list?

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Yes,list can show different meanings of searched word.

and one more question like for english source language we need to write English or en

International languages conventions acronym.
en,It,fr ,es…

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How can this extension shows get synonym & antonym word??

If synonym & antonym are in google dictionary definition, it will show them

Hi, But does the extension work? Because I downloaded GDictionary.aia but it doesn’t give any answer to the search. An inscription appears co: No Definitions Found … but on all words

Thanks for reporting. I tested the extension and it seems to work only in the English language. But on one of my app it works fine. I have to check it out when I have time. Thanks again.

I have checked and unfortunately this extension can no longer work apart from that in the English language.
The extension was based on the api of this repo: https://github.com/meetDeveloper/freeDictionaryAPI/tree/master/modules to which the author has removed all the dictionaries except the English one.
For those who need Google dictionary I can recommend this other extension
[Free] Dictionary Extension : Make Dictionary Apps easily
However, I don’t know which api this extension is based on and if it works

Too bad because I needed it