Request: Dictionary translate AIA(Example ENG to German)

I am looking for a dictionary AIA easy to reskin that should be connected to a database, preferably a csv file that I can upload from my end or google spreedsheet where the user would look for a word(and get the meaning in the other language), for example user search “Hello” in english and the database already have the meaning on German which is “Hallo”.

It should come with admob intersticial and banner already and have a lateral menu where I can please the url to the policies url. User experience is important is really important.

Some other feature that I would like to get on the app.
Option for the user to make a list of Favorite Words(where he can saved any word he wish)
One time notification after certain amount of hours of use to give a feedback if enjoying the app.

If this is something that you can do please drop me a message with your offer and estimate time of delivery.

You can contact me this way or telegram @Sandapps

Thanks for reading.

I have created a dictionary app u can have a try here’s the link and the extra features u want I can add for you.

I checked the app, it is not directly what I am looking but with some modification it might work for me, I have something pre made already as well but need some modification to be able to work which I am not capable to(mostly to read from database and not from string)if that is something you can do message me here

Check your app,api on which Is based aren
't longer Active.

See this:

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ok I will change the api in the next update

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